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    Uploading screenshots


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    Uploading screenshots Empty Uploading screenshots

    Post  ghost17 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:39 am

    Hello mates,

    here is a small advise from me, how to upload screenshots.

    1. Best format for screenshots
    Try to use the PNG-format. It is by far more advanced than JPEG concerning screenshots.

    2. Best image hosting service
    I am using for uploading pictures. You also can download a stand-alone application from there, so you don't have to visit their website all the time but just drag and drop your desired pictures into the application (works on OS X, Linux and Windows).

    3. Use direct linking
    Important screenshots are to be linked directly. Less important should be thumbnailed. So you are showing priority to the others. Another thing is: not everyone has a unlimited data plan. Keep that in mind!
    However, reports are always linked directly. They always are important!

    Example for the imageshack application:

    Uploading screenshots Uploading screenshots Uploading screenshots

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